EGGER Protect

EGGER Protect is a true market-leading product that offers a wide range of tangible advantages.

EGGER Protect is manufactured from an EGGER P5 flooring grade particleboard with a unique, weather resistant surface layer applied to both the top and underside of the board.

All of the benefits of EGGER P5 plus...

  • Can be installed in light rain conditions resulting in fewer stoppages on site.

  • Fully sealed surface protects against water and moisture ingress on both sides of the board for up to 42 days in exposed conditions.

  • Ideal for use with under-floor heating.

  • The only board type we recommend tiling directly onto.

  • No joint sealing tape required

When used as part of the EGGER Advanced Flooring System, EGGER Protect is covered by the EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee.


18 | 22
2400 x 600