Legality and Certification

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We go to great lengths to ensure our products come from legally harvested and well-managed forest or plantation resources.


Legality & Sustainability

Responsible purchasing is an essential core value of our business.

Throughout our business, Meyer work to the requirements of recognised Chain of Custody systems, which are a certified way of making sure that a product has come from a defined and sustainable source. The majority of our products are certified to ensure that they have been legally harvested from sustainably managed forests. All our product sources are appraised using detailed due diligence procedures to ensure that they meet the criteria for legality set by the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR).

We operate under two sets of globally recognised certification standards: Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®) and the Programme of Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC™). Both of these schemes promote sustainable forest and plantation management by using product tracking processes.

Whilst legality is an absolute minimum requirement when working with new suppliers, preference is always given to those who can also demonstrate sustainability, as well as an ethical attitude that reflects our own.

Our FSC Chain of Custody number is TT-COC-001670
Download our FSC Certificate 

Our PEFC Chain of Custody number is BMT-PEFC-0057
Download our PEFC Certificate

Our TRADA FP Chain of Custody number is BMT-COC-0126
Download our TRADA FP Certificate.

Look for our FSC and PEFC certified products.


Quality Assurance

Meyer Timber has achieved a successful transition to ISO9001:2015

All our main processes are controlled through a certified Quality Management System, approved to ISO9001:2015.

This is your guarantee that all of the processes are risk-assessed and developed to deliver legal compliance and first class customer service, properly documented, professionally implemented and internally audited. The processes also cover the Construction Products Regulation, the EU Timber Regulation and finance.

Our QMS is certified by Exova BM TRADA as meeting the requirements of the standard. Our systems and processes have been certified to ISO9001:2015 or its predecessors for nearly 30 years.

Our certificate number is 006.

Download our ISO9001:2015 BMS Certificate

Download the Meyer Timber Quality Policy


Declaring Performance

For Declarations of Performance for panels we place on the market, please click on the appropriate link below:

Structural & Non Structural Plywood

1121-CPR-BB5013 Spruce Plywood ProStructFR Euroclass B 18mm

DOP Siberian Softwood

Flame Retardant Treated Plywood & Hardboard

1121-CPR-BB0009 FE Plywood ATP Euroclass B 12-25mm

1121-CPR-BB0010 FE Plywood ATP Euroclass B 9mm 

1121-CPR-BB0011  FE Plywood ATP Euroclass C 3.6-25mm

1121-CPR-BB0015  Hardboard ATP Euroclass C 3.0-3.2mm

1121-CPR-BB0025  FE Plywood Dricon Euroclass C 3.6-25mm

1121-CPR-BB0026  FE Plywood Dricon Euroclass B 9mm

1121-CPR-BB0027  FE Plywood Dricon Euroclass B 12-25mm



Wood Protection Association

Meyer is a member of the Wood Protection Association, an independent, not for profit technical and advisory organisation interested in the development and promotion of wood protection technology to support the use of wood as a cost effective, sustainable and low environmental impact construction material.

Download our WPA Certificate 




TRADA membership, together with our other memberships, shows that we are supporting the timber industry to flourish and grow in every way we can. All industries need to grow their expertise in order to progress in a competitive market. That expertise needs to be technical as well as commercial. TRADA provides that technical expertise which allows us to advise our customers appropriately when they are searching for the right product for their application. We pride ourselves in the quality of the support provided by our technical department, underwritten by our membership of TRADA and other technical advisory bodies.

Download our TRADA Certificate