Alvic Group FSC Certified Melamine Faced Chipboard

The Syncron collection comprises chipboard panels coated with a selection of modern finishes applied to wood, stone and designs that give the surface an extraordinary naturalness and a highly decorative expressiveness. Syncron panels can also be combined with our range of Luxe and Zenit colours for added versatility.

Syncron panel surfaces also boast excellent physical and mechanical performance.



Exclusive supplier  in the UK


A high quality surface with superior scratch and abrasion resistance


FSC® certified


Boxed samples are available on request


No minimum order


Available ex-stock

High finish bathrooms and bedrooms

Suitable for both domestic and commercial use

Matching ABS edging is available for all panels.

Test performed according to European standards EN-14323: 04 and EN-438-2.

Please see relevant downloads for further information.

Decors available are:





Alvic Group

L812416 – Ice 2 Jade

Alvic Group

L812436 – Ice 4 Jade

Alvic Group

L812456 – Evora 3 Stone Jade

Alvic Group

L812696 – Evora 4 Charcoal Jade

Alvic Group

L812706 – Oro Leather

Alvic Group

L813086 – Spatt 02 Frost

Alvic Group

L813236 – Oriental White

Alvic Group

L813246 – Oriental Black

Alvic Group

L813266 – Oxid 02 Emerald

Alvic Group

L813276 – Oxid 03 Amber

Alvic Group

L813286 – Oxid 04 Sapphire

Alvic Group

L814256 – Osiris Plata