Hardboard is a traditional board used for floor covering and the levelling out of old wooden floor boards. It gives a clean smooth surface which allows you to apply various floor coverings of your choice. Hardboard is manufactured from very
fine wood fibres, it is a cost effective board and can be used for a lot of different applications that include floor covering, general decorative projects, signs, displays, doors, panels, backing for wardrobes, cabinets and bottom of drawers, etc.

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Lion Floor Preconditioned Hardboard

PEFC™ Certified Preconditioned Hardboard

Fibris Hardboard

FSC® Certified Standard Grade Hardboard

Lion Oil Tempered Hardboard

PEFC™ Certified Oil Tempered Hardboard

Grigiskes Hardboard

FSC® Certified Standard Grade Hardboard

Grigiskes Painted Hardboard

FSC® Certified White Painted Hardboard

Lion Standard Hardboard

PEFC™ Certified Standard Grade Hardboard

Lion Perforated Hardboard

PEFC™ Certified Perforated Hardboard

Fibris Softboard

FSC® Certified Softboard

Lion Painted Hardboard

PEFC™ Certified White Painted Hardboard

9 Results