Plywood panels are made up of at least three thin layers (or plies) of wood, bonded together with a suitable adhesive. Each layer is usually orientated at a right angle to its adjacent layer. This creates impressive stiffness for a given thickness, which makes even some light weight panels suitable for challenging applications.

We supply a comprehensive range of plywood with softwood, hardwood or mixed cores, ideal for many applications, including: roofing, flooring, wall sheathing, hoarding, shed and packing case manufacture. Some variants are suitable for heavy duty, engineering and marine applications. Specialist items such as birch throughout and birch faced for precision and engineering uses, ‘medium density overlay’ and phenolic film faced plywood for concrete formwork are available ex stock alongside flexible and flame retardant versions. All are available in a variety of panel sizes and thicknesses to suit most customer demands

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Gaboon T O Plywood B BB

EN314-2 Class 3. EN636-2. E1