Egger P5 Moisture Resistant Flooring Grade Chipboard

An enhanced moisture resistant tongue-and-groove structural flooring board which is the backbone of EGGER’s range of structural chipboard flooring products. Each EGGER P5 board is machine profiled with unique diamond tip tooling to achieve a precision tongue-and-groove profile ensuring a tighter, more consistent board joint.



Enhanced moisture resistant chipboard


The only board manufactured in the UK using diamond- tipped tooling to create a precision tongue-and-groove profile


Profiled on all four sides for quick and easy installation


Specified for new-built applications


CE and FSC® certified


No minimum order


Available ex-stock


Specified by NHBC for new build applications

Ideal for domestic flooring, renovations and refurbishment projects

Suitable for use is damp or humid environments, such as kitchens or bathrooms where it provides excellent protection


Boards are manufactured in accordance with EN 312.

Please refer to the relevant downloads for further information.






EGGER P5 Moisture Resistant Flooring Grade Chipboard

FSC® Certified Flooring Grade Chipboard TG4

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