Fibris Softboard

Fibris soft board is a soft, resilient, light coloured sheet material.  It is a multi-purpose, easy to handle and durable panel and ideal for numerous applications including ceilings and wall linings particularly where reflected sound is to be reduced



High strength


High flexibility


Universal application


Very good thermal and acoustic insulation


Ease of machining


Natural constituents


Known and popular on the market from many years


FSC® certified


Available ex-stock


No minimum order

Insulation ceiling boards

Wall linings

Flooring underlay

Protective packaging

Display boards

Office/screen partitions

Notice/pin boards

Backing boards

Panels are manufactured in accordance with PN-EN 13 986 and PN-EN 622-1, 622-4.

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Fibris Softboard

FSC® Certified Softboard

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