Grigiskes Hardboard

Hardboard is a traditional board used for floor covering and the levelling out of old wooden floor boards. It gives a clean smooth surface which allows you to apply various floor coverings of your choice. One face is smooth while the other is coarse and textured which helps to secure the board to the substrate. Hardboard is mainly 3mm thick which makes it very easy to work with using conventional wood working tools. It also offers flexibility due to it being thin, making it suitable for projects where you might need the board to have slight flexibility.

Hardboard is widely used for the inner surfaces of furniture, decoration of residential and public premises, and in other consumer and multi-purpose products in dry premises. 





Exceptional sturdiness


Resistant to physical impact


Designed for indoor use


FSC® certified


No minimum order


Available ex-stock


Inner surfaces of furniture (internal cabinet walls, drawers, bottom of beds)

For interiors and exhibition stands






Grigiskes Hardboard

FSC® Certified Standard Grade Hardboard

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