Halspan Prima FD30 Flame Retardant Chipboard Door Blanks

Halspan® Prima door cores are made from 3-layer particle board designed specifically for the fabrication of interior solid core doors. Available in large leaves, Prima’s extra strength means you can machine into the face to form feature grooves or panel effect designs, while a choice of either timber or metal frame offers extra design flexibility.

Prima’s core of long grain wood chip provides screw holding properties, while the two deck layers are made from high density fine wood chips, suitable for finishing with veneer, high pressure laminate, PVC or paint.

Its density and fine, hard surface keeps preparation time to a minimum. Prima’s monolithic construction, meanwhile, eliminates the problems of grin-through and ripple effect found with other door constructions.

Capable of accommodating relatively large glazed apertures without affecting its performance, Prima also does away with the need for perimeter framing and plywood or MDF facings.



44mm thick internal door blank


Certified  FD30 (30 minutes fire resistance)


Suitable for laminate, veneers or paint finishes


FSC® certified


Available ex-stock

No minimum order

Universal application

Tested for fire to 30 minutes to BS476 Pt 22 in all configurations

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