Lion Floor Preconditioned Hardboard

LION Floor™ is a fully engineered panel, ideal for use as a carpet or resilient flooring underlay in domestic, commercial and retail environments. A superior, safe and high quality board the flooring industry can rely on.



Perfect as a fabricated underlay for resilient flooring as stated in BS8203:2017


Easy to fix and lay


Hard wearing with high impact resistence


Oil tempered for extra protection against moisture ingress, and for a flatter, stronger panel


No problems with core gaps, delamination and veneer overlaps


Cost effective


Supplied as a pre-conditioned board, saving time when on site


PEFC™ certified


No minimum order


Available ex-stock

Carpet underlay

Resilient flooring underlay

Domestic & Commercial environments

LION Floor™ has been specifically designed for use in the flooring industry to meet the requirements of a fabricated underlay as defined in BS 8203:2017 and as recommended by the CFA.

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Lion Floor Preconditioned Hardboard

PEFC™ Certified Preconditioned Hardboard

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