Meyer Timber Ltd FSC Certified Un-Glued Realwood Edging

With multiple leaves of the finest veneers laminated together, our real wood edging represents the highest quality and most flexible thick edging on the market today. Available in our core range of veneer decors, Real Wood edging can be purchased in widths of 22, 29 and 45mm and thicknesses that range from 1 – 3 mm in 100 metre rolls. 

Easy to apply, Simply iron on the edging tape to give an authentic solid wood finish to veneered table tops, worktops, cabinets and shelving.



 Available across all of our veneer decors


Available pre-glued and un-glued


Majority of species are FSC® certified


Easy to apply


No minimum order


Available ex-stock

Veneered table tops








Meyer Timber Ltd

RWE2 – Ash

Meyer Timber Ltd

RWE4 – Cherry

Meyer Timber Ltd

RWE5 – European Oak

Meyer Timber Ltd

RWE6 – Maple

Meyer Timber Ltd

RWE12 – Steamed Beech

Meyer Timber Ltd

RWE1 – American Black Walnut

Meyer Timber Ltd

RWE17 – White Beech

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