Neatform Flexible MDF

Neatform Flexible MDF is a high quality bendable sheet material. It is a processed sheet of Medite MDF, which is widely recommended by architects and designers to create freestanding curves or it can be fixed to a framework to produce a wide range of smooth curved surfaces.

Neatform can be attached directly to a framework or used to surface another material such as bending plywood.



Neatform has a smooth pre-sanded (120grit) surface


Panels can be laid flat with veneers or laminate before bending


Excellent seam hiding qualities


Ready to paint and stain


Follows intended curve without bumps or hollows


FSC® certified


Available ex-stock


No minimum order


Counter fronts

Wavy walls


Stage and film sets


Please refer to the relevant documents for quality information.






Neatform Flexible MDF

FSC® Certified Flexible MDF

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