PEFC Certified Firesure Premium Softwood Plywood Euroclass B Structural CE1 Durable INT2

Firesure Premium FR Euroclass B Softwood Plywood uses Wisa® Finnish Spruce which is then coated in controlled factory conditions using ProStructFR®. This gives the panels superlative reaction-to-fire performance whilst maintaining the Structural integrity of the plywood. The coating is highly durable meaning that the panels can be used internally in humid conditions and externally in weather protected areas.

The Wood Protection Association (WPA) recently awarded this product line the Flame Retardant Approval Scheme Certificate of Approval which means all certification and processes have been verified by an independent and expert third party.

The whole process from supply of chemistry, factory application, handling and stock control including traceability even in Meyer Timber’s own warehouse is audited by a body recognised by the European Commission.


   Based on Wisa® Spruce plywood

   Superior Reaction-to-Fire performance to EN13501-1, Class B, s1,

         d0 with maximum field of use

   For Structural use in buildings (AVCP Class 1 / Structural)

   For use in humid and weather protected areas, durable to

         WPA HR and EN16755 INT2

   No minimum order

   Available ex-stock







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