Unilin FibroPaint Air

FibroPaint Air is an MDF board with an excellent millable core. The board has high-quality paint grade film on both sides, so that you can paint, spray or lacquer it without pre-treatment using solvent or water-based paint. 

FibroPaint Air is a board that can be finished in a final colour of your choice without pre-treatment.
Furthermore, FibroPaint Air ensures excellent adhesion, fewer layers of paint for a perfect result and uniform paint absorption.



Less preparation required


Ensures longer processing time for water-based paints


Less sanding required


Perfect result with fewer layers


Saves more time


Primer no longer necessary


 Lower risk of drying effects


Eliminates swelling of MDF fibres on board surface


Even absorption of the paint


PEFC™ certified


No minimum order


Available ex-stock

Furniture industry

Shop interiors

Interior design

These boards can be used in service class 1 (dry environments) and can be used in biological hazard class 1 of Standard EN-335-3.

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UNILIN FibroPaint Air

PEFC™ Certified Lightweight Paint Grade MDF

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