The ultimate in fire protection

High performing flame retardant products

Magply Fire board is a technically advanced magnesium oxide construction panel that provides exceptional performance in building applications combining superior reaction to fire performance, resilience, resistance to moisture and mould with some sound insulation.


Magply can be used as an alternative to wood, plywood, gypsum and cement based particle boards. It provides a dimensionally stable and reliable material with impressive fire performance for constructional uses.



Magply Boards are manufactured from naturally occurring materials, which are combined with alkaline resistant glass fibres for strength and integrity in a manufacturing process that produces very little in the way of CO2 emissions. Magply is naturally air cured ensuring low impact on the environment.

Passive Fire Protection

Magply is manufactured in a process controlled in the ISO9001 quality management system standard, ensuring a consistently high quality product.Whether specifying for domestic, commercial new build or refurbishment, passive fire protection is a major consideration.

Magply’s incredible fire performance, high strength and low carbon footprint makes it the perfect choice for walls - stud partitions - ceilings - floors and fire doors, to name a few.


Product Range

Meyer stock an extensive range of flame retardant products suitable for areas where there is a higher than average risk of fire, or for public buildings where flame retardant panels should be a consideration. The incorporation of flame retardant products in a building will help to suppress the spread of fire, allowing safe evacuation of the occupants and reducing financial loss.