Meyer Classic

Plywood. Re-defined. 

Working closely with each stage of the supply chain, we are able to gain

greater control of the production process, ensuring

a consistent product our customers can trust. 

Features of Meyer Classic

Meyer Classic has been designed to meet standard EN636-3 with a bond class 3.


  • Dynea Phenol Glue - Bond Class 3 - suitable for use while permanently exposed to weather (especially rain). 
  • Suitable for persistently high, humid conditions or for occasional wetting. 
  • 3rd Party audited by a European Notified Body. 
  • Production mills exclusive to Meyer - giving us more control of the product we buy. 
  • All of our boards and packaging are marked with a unique code and suitable applications. 
  • We have our own branded Declaration of Performance, giving you piece of mind the product performs. 
  • Available in Non Structural thicknesses (3.6 & 5.5mm) as well as structural boards (9mm up to 25mm) 
  • FSC Certified.