Alvic Group Un-Glued ABS Edging

ABS is an impact resistant, mechanically and thermally resilient, high quality thermoplastic which is ecologically sound.

One of the newer materials for edge banding, ABS shares most of the characteristics of PVC, but it is both acid free and environmentally friendly under incineration. With the increase in demand for high quality durable furniture, plastic edging has risen in popularity across the industry.

ABS edging is robust and easy to process which ensures smooth and economic production.



Scratch and abrasion resistant


Long lasting


Easy to process


No minimum order


Available ex-stock


Interior design

Shop fitting







Alvic Group

L814256 – Osiris Plata 1

Alvic Group

L814266 – Osiris Titanio 2

Alvic Group

L814276 – Osiris Cobre 3

Alvic Group

L814286 – Osiris Graphito 4

Alvic Group

L814296 – Textile Plata

Alvic Group

L814386 – Factory Concrete 2

Alvic Group

L814396 – Beton Oxido

Alvic Group

L814966 – Steel Board Steel Aluminio

Alvic Group

L814976 – Steel Board Copper

Alvic Group

L814986 – Steel Board Graffito

Alvic Group

L815436 – Porcelain Gold 02

Alvic Group

L815466 – Porcelain Silver 03